Airfix the company started life in the UK in 1939, although it wasn’t until 1953 that the first aeroplane kit (a Spitfire mk1) was produced. This however followed on from the success of a model from 1952 which was a model of the Golden Hind, commissioned and sold by Woolworths. During the 60’s and 70’s the company expanded its range of kits to include trains, figures, cars, military vehicles, rockets, spaceships and ships. In the 80’s Airfix was sold to the company that owned Humbrol, but these were both sold again in 1994. Hornby acquired them both in 2006 when Humbrol was suffering difficulties and remains the owners still today.

Manufacturing is now in India, but design and packaging remains in the UK. Different kits are added to the range each year, with some of the old kits being reproduced.

We stock kits of military vehicles and aircraft, including both world wars, civilian aircraft, ships, vehicles, along with starter and quickbuild kits and gift sets.

So whether you are an experienced modeller or just starting out in this hobby, there is a kit for you in our range.