Steam Packs

Steam Packs

Everyone loves a steam train and no model train set is complete without an engine heartily puffing its way along a branch line or nestling in an engine shed. 

Hornby steam locomotives are exquisitely built to famous, exacting standards and all the authentic detailing from logos to rivets are meticulously executed to complement your layout. 
Hornby engineers have added some 21st Century technology to these romantic engines and offer DCC-fitted and DCC-ready model steam trains in addition to the analogue range. DCC trains run under full digital control to enable independent engine movement on the same sections of track and the DCC trains with sound include fabulous, realistic audio to accompany the locomotives’ actions. From the thundering 4-6-2 formation to the modest 0-6-0 tank, there are steam engines to suit any modeller’s layout.

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RailRoad GWR Freight Train Pack

Product no.: R3489

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