Vanguards Austin A40 Van Outspan

Vanguards Austin A40 Van Outspan

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The A40 of 1947 was Austins first mass market post-war car and was a completely new design with no carryover parts. It featured a new 1200cc 40bhp OHV engine, the forerunner to the long-lived BSeries. A separate chassis enabled it to be built in a variety of body styles, and Austin certainly exploited this. As a four-door it was marketed as the Devon, whilst the two-door was called Dorset and the convertible was known as the A40 Sports. The van version modelled here, was available from 1948 and was produced alongside its pick-up cousin until the A40 commercial range was dropped in 1956 after 140,060 vans/pick-ups had been built. 

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